• Information: A DIS2018 Workshop, Hong Kong, June 10, 2018

Call for participation

The vision and mission of research under the banner of Ubiquitous Computing has increasingly moved from focusing on the realm of “artifacts” to the realm of “environments”. We seek to scrutinize this very transition and raise questions that relate to the specific attributes of built environments that set them inherently apart from artifacts. How does an interactive environment differ from an interactive artifact, a collection of artifacts, or an integrated suite of artifacts? What are the new user experience dimensions that HCI researchers should merge into their considerations? How can the discretionary interactions with artifacts be reconciled with the immersive experiences of environments?

The workshop seeks to bring together experts from the fields of HCI, Architecture and Urbanism (including Transportation), and provide them with an occasion for sharing experiences and co-creating research agenda that can study and steer the evolution of our interactive experiences with built environments.

Workshop participants will briefly present their expertise and their considerations on the relationship of interactive artifacts and interactive environments. The workshop will then focus on surfacing common questions, challenges and opportunities with the aim to develop future research agendas, which can, in turn, be acted upon by teams of workshop participants in future.

Participant selection will be based on acceptance of a 2-4-page position paper in the SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format, following peer-review. Topics of interest, for example, include the relationship of artifacts and environment, how interactivity spans across those, what role data and personal data play in those relationships, the temporal and spatial aspects of artifacts and environments and how discrete interactions and immersion relate.

Papers are to be sent to A2A-DIS18@unifr.ch. At least one author of each accepted position paper must register for and attend the workshop, and must also attend at least one day of the DIS 2018 conference.